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My friend wants to borrow my dress I've consigned to rent.  Does she have to pay the rental fee or can I just lend it to her?

As long as we have advanced notice to block off the days for the dates needed and no one has reserved those days yet, that's perfectly fine. She'll just need to pay for shipping or schedule a local pick-up.


If I consign my dress to sell, will I earn all of the money?

To cover costs involved with selling your dress, Valcera earns a 10% commission.


If I consign my dress to sell, do I have to allow for rentals?

Renting out dresses consigned for sale is one way to get money from your dress faster, but owners of the dress will have the option to consign to sell only.



If you have other questions, please contact us using the form to the right or details below:


Thanks! Message sent.

Do I get to keep the custom-made rental dress?

No. Custom-made rental dresses are like any other rental dress. But rather than select one from our stock, you get to design it and have it made to your size and specifications.


When can I use my two rentals?

As the designer of the dress, you'll have first choice of dates for the first 18 months.  The 18-month calendar starts at your first rental date.


Can I rent this dress more than twice?

Of course!  Two rentals are included in the basic price, but you can always rent it more than that.

How long does the process take?

Generally 2-6 months depending on our production schedule.  This option is definitely for the planner. But please contact us if you have a particular timeline in mind.

Can I or someone else purchase my custom-made rental dress?
We like to keep our stock fresh, so we may decide to sell a custom-made rental dress. However, these dresses are primarily made to be rentals so we will not sell any custom-made rental dress for the first 5 years.
Is shipping included in the base price?
No, shipping costs are not included in any of our product listings.  Shipping costs for the rentals will depend on shipping location and the inclusion of any other dresses.
How could the base price increase?

The average dress will be included in our base price.  Dress designs that include  significant number of stones, higher priced fabrics, or unique construction designs may add to the cost.  A final cost will be determined at the end of the design sessions, before an order is final.



How do I rent a dress?

Check our Rental Process Page

How long can I rent a dress for?


Our standard rental fee covers a 1-5 day rental.



How far in advance can I reserve a dress?


Up to 4 months


Can I buy the dress I rent?


Some of our dresses are for sale. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing a dress.


Can I try on a dress before I rent it?


Absolutely! We encourage customers to use the "try-on" option.  Our try on fee is only $10 per dress plus shipping.  Our Showcase collection is currently not available to try-on, standard US sizes are included in each listing. Our $10 try-on rental fee is nonrefundable. Shipping fee is fully refundable as long as the dress has not been shipped.


I’m local. Can I pick up the dress to avoid shipping charges?


Yes. Select local pick up when ordering.

Is there a fee for cancelling a rental reservation?


Yes. The cancellation fee is 25% of the rental price.  If you cancel within 3 weeks of your reservation, you will be charged the full rental price.  Shipping costs are refundable as long as the dress has not yet shipped.


Can I avoid the cancellation fee?


Yes. We offer cancellation insurance for $20 per dress.  In case of cancellation, the standard cancellation fee will be credited to your account for use on a future rental within 18-months of your original rental date.


May I dance in a dress I’ve rented as a Try-On?


No.  The try on option does not allow a dress to be danced in. The full rental price will be charged if a dress has the noticeable signs that it has been worn for any other purpose than the try on option.

Can I preview the rental agreement?

Of course, click on the PDF here.
Dress Rental FAQs
Consignment Rental FAQs
Custom-Made Rental FAQs


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